Insight into Inês' everyday apprenticeship

Inês Fernandes started her vocational training to earn a commercial diploma in August 2018. Here she talks about her work as a commercial trainee.

Why did you choose commercial training?

Inês: Commercial training lasts three years. I am currently in year two. I decided to go for commercial training because I want to use foreign languages – French and English – in my career. Other vocational training courses usually do not involve either French or English, and that was an important factor for me in choosing my career path. I also absolutely wanted to learn a job that would bring me into contact with other people. At school, I studied French, German, English, informatics and economics. In year one and two of my training, I spend two days a week at the vocational training college in Liestal. In year three, I only spend one day a week there because I will finish studying informatics and English in year two. My friends in my class come from different industries, and that's really interesting because you often learn additional things about other sectors of industry and commerce. I have attended a course in Basel for students from several companies six times during my training so far. The course teaches me a lot of extra things about the chemical industry. When you do commercial training, you gain experience in several different departments. So far, I have worked at the Reception Desk and in Sales, Procurement, Marketing and Human Resources. My next and last department will be Finance. When I was working in Procurement, I was also able to spend a few days in the warehouse and in distribution. That was interesting because it showed me how the different departments fit together. I had various tasks in each department, and I learned a lot and gained plenty of experience that I am sure I will be able to use in the future.

"I’m really happy to be a part of Bachem"

What do you like best about your training?

Inês: What I like most about my training is that I get on well with everyone, because this is very important for me. All my colleagues are really nice and helpful, something I like very much at Bachem, because you can really feel the team spirit. My colleagues have always appreciated my work, and that motivated me even more. In each department, I had a practical supervisor who kept an eye on what I was doing. I am glad to have had such understanding supervisors who always took time to look after me. I think I have developed a lot as a person during this time. It makes you more mature and you learn things that you can use outside of work, like making phone calls that sound professional, writing e-mails and tracking down information which will be useful in everyday life. The variety is another plus point. I mean the variety you get from switching between school and work and from one department to another. Some of my friends do not have the chance to work in so many different departments because their company is much smaller. The challenge of using what you learn at school in the workplace and vice versa is an interesting point.

What’s your goal?

Inês: My goal is to complete my training successfully and get a whole lot more experience that I can use in my future career. It would of course be great if Bachem offers me a job opportunity at the end of my training, so that I can develop even more – and because I really like it here. The way the company keeps growing faster and faster is impressive. I’m having a great and exciting time here, and I’m really happy to be a part of Bachem.